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Game made in week with CrystalOfSugar for Weekly Game Jam 140. Theme: Shapeshifting. Kill enemies to steal their shape. Use special abilities: teleport, invincibility or fast-shooting. Survive as long as you can.

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Please, tell in comment, do you need Online versin and Android version.


win64.zip 35 MB


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Cool simplistic graphics and sound effects! I feel like some kind of hearthbar would be good as I ended up taking all the crosses I saw because I didn't know how much longer I can last XD I like how different forms give you different abilities! Would be cool to see more forms and also to have some kind of objective in the game e.g. a goal in the far part of the level or score and to try to beat it. Overall very cool game!

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Thanks for reminding me to rate you. I will do so after playing the game again.

Alright I have rated the game. Here is how I feel about it:
I like the artstyle and I think the game has a lot of potential in terms of the mechanic of just killing enemies and stealing their bodies to use their abilities. I think a lot of improvements on the execution would've been great.

What I think would've helped is more player feedback when the enemies take damage by showing them flashing or something. This would let the player know that they are doing damage. Perhaps even a simple health bar would let them know how much more damage could be done.

I think the Skills for each characters could've been more interesting and related to combat. It would be really cool if the enemies used their skills during combat so you see how it works before you too can use it. 

Currently when playing I didn't find much use for the skills however but it's still a solid idea and one I considered during brainstorming my own game. Teleport feels a bit too uncontrollable and personally I would replace it with the ability to slow down time instead or allow me to stop time and pick my teleport spot with the mouse or something.

I think the white background with black wall aesthetic is really nice. It reminds me so much of those maze books you could get like in the below. I think it was a great choice.

The sound effects for the laser is a bit too high pitch for me and I found it quite annoying personally.

Thanks Clementine, I just noticed your review. 
I have no expirience in Gamedev, this is one of our first tries. Picking colors was really hard, i changed 6 different color palettes before i see this one. Sound  are like theese because this is the first game where i even use sounds. I definetly need more practice with Bfxr. There is no Goal because i wanted to make something endless, replayable. Yes, in that order this game need some points, or time high score.
Sorry, i didn't write much about your game, because it's just good.


This is really good for one of your team's first few games! You definitely should polish it up as a learning experience there's definitely some good stuff here :D

Thanks for encouragements!


Really cool mechanic! Love the minimalist style :) I think some kind o health bar for the player would be very helpful so you know when to dodge or attack, but otherwise really cool game!

I would also really appreciate it if you checked out my game as well :)

This reminds me of Flatland!—except I'm a lowly triangle, not a prestigious circle. :) 

Each shape has a unique ability, and defeating enemies grants you that skill. Cool mechanic.

I agree that the sound effects are a little loud, but I'm sensory sensitive; might affect other users differently. 

Overall, lots of fun!


A nice take on the theme! I enjoy the almost kirby style ability to absorb the power of enemies. The 2 things which I think might help this become a better game is some sort of score system as well as less agressive sound effects (It's hard to both enjoy the music and have the sound at a medium volume.) Overall: Well done!